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What people are saying...

I highly recommend Focus Physical Therapy. I went to Jeff after ankle surgery in 2009, and again after two separate knee replacements in 2018. Jeff and Amy have just the right balance between being gentle and kind, versus challenging you and expecting you to do more. When progress is slow, they encourage you. when you think you can't do any more, they push you and show you how you can! I appreciate their "hands on" approach. They will change your "FOCUS" from "I can't" to "I can"!!
Sue S.  

Do you need a Physical Therapist? I did!


I am so thankful for Jeff Peterson and his staff at Focus Physical Therapy.


I was a client 3 times a week for 4 months. The ability to use my left arm was extremely minimal due to extensive shoulder surgery. As of May 28th 2019, my last visit, I am able to perform my normal daily activities. 


How was this accomplished?

     1)One-on-one manipulation

     2) Always watchful when doing certain movements

     3) Progressive with treatment

     4) Gave encouragement / motivation to do your best...and verbal praise for a "good job"

     5) Flexible scheduling appointments

     6) Appointments are on time

     7) This time was ALL positive for me


I strongly recommend Focus Physical Therapy for all your physical therapy needs
Nancy H. 

While visiting my son and his family for my grandsons 13th birthday in February, I fell while roller skating and broke my right ankle. I had surgery two days later. I was scared of being away from my home and my doctors. And, was definitely scare about having physical therapy just 2-1/2 weeks after surgery. It didn't take long for those fears to be relieved once I began PT with Jeff and his assistant Amy and Tiffany, his front office person, also helps to make you feel comforted as well.


I can't say enough about Focus Physical Therapy, Jeff Peterson, Amy his assistant and Tiffany, his front office person. He has gotten me back to walking full weight bearing just 3 weeks after the surgeon released me to start putting weight on my foot. Up to that point he was aggressive in working on getting everything loosened back up and getting mu range of motion back.


His assistant, Amy, is also great and knowledgeable as well. Tiffany, his front office person, is very friendly and kind. Also, helpful with insurance questions. They are all very kind and compassionate and concerned about helping you get back to your normal activities without pain or difficulty. 

I highly recommend Focus Physical Therapy, Jeff Peterson and his staff for any PT need you have. You won't be disappointed! I believe you will find everything I've said about them to be true. I love Jeff, Amy and Tiffany!! They're like family in the short time I've been here with them. 

Karen S.

How do your write about an experience that changed your life without sounding dramatic and using absolutes like "always", "never", or "forever"? The truth is, I owe my entire current abilities, recovery, and future outlook physically and vocationally to Jeff and Focus' staff. He discovered what was wrong after I was turned away by my first doctor who misdiagnosed my severe injury. Because Jeff found it so early, I was able to get in to see a surgeon the next day and he was able to operate 2 days later. If Jeff had not examined me so early after the injury, I would have probably had weeks before someone finally figured out what was wrong, scheduled and appointment, and did the surgery. I have now completed my physical therapy. 

I takes a special person to encourage and motivate you after you've had a life-altering injury and face the daunting task of recovery. And Jeff, Amy, and Tiffany are those people. When choosing a physical therapist, you want all the attributes Jeff has; outstanding knowledge of the human body, attention to every detail of your recovery, honest concern and listening well to the patient, an evident drive to figure out what is happening mechanically in the body, genuine compassion and care, and a thorough follow-through the entire way along the recovery process. This is Focus Physical Therapy. 

Sarah D.

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