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Total Body Mobility

For individuals without a specific complaint, but wish to move better!

We know that...

A tight joint eventually leads to a painful joint

Prolonged joint restriction speeds up arthritic changes

An individual will have poor tolerance to physician advised exercise if joint dysfunction is present

Let us help you take care of a small problem before it becomes a bad problem!

8 visits covers the entire body

Pick and choose or do all 8

1 - Cervical Spine

2 - Thoracic Spine

3 - Shoulders

4 - Forearms / Hands

5 - Lumbar Spine

6 - Hips

7 - Knees

8 - Ankles / Feet

Each session will include manual therapy (soft tissue and joint tissue mobilization) and instruction in specific exercise to increase and maintain better joint range of motion resulting in healthier and longer lasting joints.

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